How to earn a creator in Fansly: Fansly vs OnlyFans, registration and withdrawal of funds, Profile Overview

Fansly is a content and subscription site that may soon be competing with OnlyFans. Fansly started to gain popularity last spring, when OnlyFans stopped working with models from Russia and froze their accounts.

In order not to lose the usual income or at least to keep at least some part of it, many online creators started looking for a decent alternative to OnlyFans, and the choice fell on Fansly. That’s why this site is perfect if you need a new working platform or if you’re just looking for extra income and would like to combine selling content with webcam streaming or even with your regular job.

How to earn at Fansly: Comparison with OnlyFans, Registration and Profile Overview

Fansly and OnlyFans – what’s the difference?

If you’ve never encountered content platforms before, read this article.

Both OnlyFans and Fansly are built on a similar principle: the model maintains a profile where she posts her 18+ photos and videos. Everyone who wants to view her content has to subscribe for a month (or longer, if they wish). In addition, the model’s income on such sites also comes from selling custom photos or videos to users (made to personal order) or sexting (erotic correspondence).

At Fansly, streaming is available, but it is not necessary, you may well not show up on camera, but simply by corresponding with your members, sending them photos and videos, and uploading new posts to your account in a timely manner.

Making money on Fansly as a creator

Most models shoot 18+ content, but if you don’t want to, you can keep your clothes on. In that case, you need to come up with something that will make you stand out among the hundreds of competitors – a memorable image or, for example, a mistress role. Work without a face is also allowed.

Differences between Fansly and OnlyFans?

Consider what advantages Fansly has over OnlyFans:

Fansly has a more developed promotion system within the platform

Users can find models of interest to them through the tab Recommended (for you).

Search for models of interest through the Recommended tab (for you).

The site’s algorithm works this way: it keeps track of which profiles a member likes and subscribes to, and shows similar models. Fansly also recently introduced a hashtag feature.

Hashtags feature on Fansly

Models write target tags in the post, and the user clicking on the tag will see all the models who have used it. It’s highly recommended to write only tags that are relevant to you, not all of them. If a user who clicked on a tag did not interact with you in any way (did not like, subscribe, leave a message – this may happen if the hashtag does not really match your image), Fansly will move your profile down in search results.

Set different subscription levels

На OnlyFans многие модели создают бесплатную страницу, чтобы пиарить платную, но на Fansly это необходимо. Публикуйте и платный, и бесплатный контент на одном профиле, только показывайте самые горячие фото и видео только подписчикам или за дополнительную плату.

Users who do not subscribe will see your content blocked:

Blocked content on Fansly

As for subscription tiers, here, unlike OnlyFans, the model on Fansly puts up multiple subscription tiers at different costs and with different privileges. This is what it looks like for guests of the page:

Fansly subscription levels

As a rule, the more expensive the subscription, the more privileges the member gets. What exactly this will be is up to the model itself. Usually for a cheap subscription level you get access to hidden content in your profile, and for more expensive ones you get additional bonuses like free sexting, video calling, custom videos, or exclusive photos in personal messages.

Preview function on paid content

This option allows you to tease the user with what he can see if he unlocks the picture or video.

You can choose the same photo as a preview, but cover all the interesting places with smiley faces:

Preview function on paid content on Fansly

Thus, by subscribing to a profile or paying for a photo, the user will see this content without emoticons.

Another option for creating previews, for example for a video, is to prepare a teaser separately, slicing up the best moments and posting them along with the locked video. Previews are used to whet a member’s interested in buying, as well as to show him that he won’t be cheated and will actually get the content he wants when unlocked (since some users are very afraid of dishonesty on the part of models).

Fansly: registration and withdrawal of funds

Any person over the age of 18 is allowed to create a modeling account, be it a boy or a girl or a couple.

Model registration on Fansly

Go to the home page and click Sign up. You can create an account through Google.

By default, you have a user account where you can view other models’ profiles and subscribe to them. But if you want to get paid for content, you must be verified as a creator.

Verifying the creator of Fansly for profit

To do this, find the profile icon in the upper right corner, click on Become a model and open the registration form.

Fill out everything, according to the passport data. This information is for site moderators, members will not see it.

Uploading verification documents to Fansly

Next, upload a photo as in the sample. Take a picture with your passport open in your hands and a piece of paper with your first and last name, the date of registration (that is, the day you fill out this verification form) and For Fansly.

In the Expirational Date field, write the expiration date of your passport (if it is a foreign passport) or check the box No expiration date. Please note that the photo must be clear, bright, without highlights and glare, and your passport data must be clearly visible.

Enter the expiration date of your passport on Fansly

Then check Yes, agree to publish 18+ content, and click Submit/Update Application.

After the application is approved by the site moderator, you will receive an email.

How to get payouts from Fansly

The second important issue to decide before publishing content is to add a withdrawal method.

Click on the profile icon and look for Add payout method (It will appear after successful verification).

Add Payout Method on Fansly

The screenshot shows the mobile version, but with PC the actions are similar.

Add Payout Method on Fansly

Select Bank, your country in the drop-down list of countries, and then we are asked to enter the address of the cryptocurrency wallet. Accordingly, you need to create it beforehand.

To withdraw money, it is better to use noncustodial wallets (that is, those that provide the user with a personal key to store and full control of funds). Here is a small list of such wallets: Trustwallet, ZenGo, BTC, Jaxx, MyCrypto, Abra, MyEtherWallet, Electrum, Paytomat, Copay, Wirex, MetaMask, Edge, Guarda and others. And already from the purse through the exchanger (for example, bestchange) withdraw money to your desired card.

After creating a wallet, copy its address and paste it on Fansley, then click on Add method.

Fansley pays creators 80% of all user spending.

After receiving payments from a member, go to Creator Dashboard – Earnings and click on Request payout to withdraw funds. Money is in processing 7 days after receipt, so you can withdraw the first salary in a week after earnings.

Creator Dashboard on Fansly
Model Wallet on Fansly

Tax form W8-Ben and how to fill it out

After registering as a model, the site offers to fill out tax form W8-ben, mandatory for all non-U.S. residents to avoid double taxation. It may seem complicated at first glance, but in fact there is nothing to worry about, the main thing is to understand it.

The form is available in the Creator Dashboard-Tax documentation section.

Filling out a W8-Ben tax form on Fansly: Part 1

Download the form and fill it out in a PDF file in Latin.

  • Item 1: First name and last name in Latin letters (if you have a passport, check it against the spelling).
  • Item 2: Country of citizenship.
  • Item 3. Registered address (as in the passport). Also write the postal code and country of residence.
  • Item 4. Postal address (or the same address of residence), if it is different from the existing.
  • Item 5. Leave blank.
  • Item 6. TIN (for RF). Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (for Belarus). A taxpayer’s card (for Ukraine).
  • Item 7. Leave blank.
  • Item 8. Date of birth.
  • Item 9. Again, write the country of citizenship.
  • Item 10. Leave blank.
Filling out a W8-Ben tax form on Fansly: Part 2

At the bottom, check the box and write your first and last name and the date you filled out the form.

Then click on Submit Form in the Tax documentation section and wait for confirmation.

Profile Overview

Now that we’ve got the organizational stuff sorted out, we need to get down to creating a profile. I don’t need to explain why it’s important to put an avatar and fill out the information about yourself.

Edit Profile on Fansly

Go to your account page, click on profile, then choose an avatar, a nickname and in the About section write about yourself. Alternatively, provide basic information (your name, how old you are, and what kind of content you provide on Fansly).

Example of filling out a model profile on Fansly

It will be useful to write something that will make you stand out from the others, such as your chips, strengths and features.

Unlike the example above, it’s better to use emoticons to distinguish the solid text and divide it into paragraphs.

You can also include current promotions, popular posts, discounts, and anything else you think is necessary. However, don’t get too carried away and write a whole treatise, or the member will get lost in such an abundance of information and just get bored.

Before attracting users to your page, upload at least 5–10 posts to start with (for free and paid subscribers alternately).

For convenience, upload all of your photos and videos that you plan to publish to the Fansly archive.

It can be found at the Creator Dashboard – Vault link.

Upload all your photos and videos to the Fansly archive

Sort all content by topic and create separate sexting packs (collections of content in case of sexting with a member). That way, if you need a certain photo, you don’t have to search for it – you just go to the right folder.

To create a new album, click on the plus sign next to Albums and add a photo there.

You will see your current earnings in the Creator Dashboard-Earnings section.

Current model earnings on Fansly

Also listed here is the percentage of creator earnings that you currently belong to. Top models at Fansly earn $10000+ per month, while beginners can expect to earn $1000-$2000 if you actively keep the page, communicate with your members and don’t sext, and not just wait for people to write you and drop you a tip.

How and what do I make money on Fansly?

Consider the main ways of income on the site, and there are many:


Of course, this is the most obvious option. Set several levels from cheapest to most expensive and come up with attractive bonuses for your subscribers. In this way, you’ll plug in regular income from users if they enable automatic subscription renewal. And for this to happen, you need to make your profile attractive and regularly update it with fresh content.

Subscriptions on Fansly


As we wrote earlier, sexting is the erotic correspondence with a member. Most models earn in this way, because for one such session you can get as much as 10–15 subscriptions.

There are two options for sexting:

  1. The member pays a predetermined amount, and you have a heated dialogue with him, throwing photos and videos along the way
  2. You send the member paid content (PPV-pay per view), and he, if he wants, pays to see it, so you sext until he has the desire and time to open the content.

Custom content and video calls

There are users who care very much that content is made personally for them. Many understand that models use pre-made sexting packages, and they want to see something exclusive. It’s up to you whether you agree or not, but it’s an extra income.

Only start a shoot or video call after the user has sent you a tip.


That’s right, the site has a streaming feature, although few models use it yet. Nevertheless, you can become one of the first and even make them your thing, because for sure subscribers will be interested to see you online.

Selling content on the wall

Selling model content on the wall on Fansly

There are models who build their earnings not on individual communication with members, but on the sale of content in the profile. Why not, this strategy has its place too. In that case, shoot more content and regularly, update your profile and write enticing captions to encourage subscribers to unblock your photo or video.


In this article we’ve talked only about the most basic features of Fansly, but, of course, this site offers many more interesting things, and there are quite a few nuances that are worth examining in more detail. In the following articles, we’ll talk about how to make money from sexting, how to set up a profile and subscription levels, and much more.

In general, the site promises good prospects, and if you pay proper attention to it and do not be lazy, it is quite realistic to earn several thousand dollars a month. You don’t even have to sit in front of a camera, and you can make money on correspondence or subscriptions just relaxing at home or in the company of friends.

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