Become a webcam model on BongaCams: Sign up for Bongamodels, log in to account and ways to earn money

Not leaving home is realistic to earn a lot of money, even if you do not have serious skills and a high level of knowledge. You can use your looks and your ability to communicate in an interesting way. Webcam models get good rewards for the “spectacle”, and anyone can become them, the main criterion is the age of majority 18+.

In this article, let’s take apart the popular webcam site BongaCams (BC, Bonga), from registering a video chat model to withdrawing the earned money. It takes a few minutes to create an account, plus settings and data verification by the moderator, in total, in half an hour you will create a full-fledged workplace, which will appear the prospect of collecting several thousand dollars a month.

BongaCams review: Bongacams registration as a model, earnings, feedback and withdrawal

πŸ’‹ Registration for model:
😎 Registration for spectators:

BongaCams earnings, how does it work?

BongaCams is a system of erotic chat rooms. Here, models are registered, ready to put on an explicit show for viewers. Each of them has a personal page, which contains photos, interests, videos, body parameters, status, achievements and other data. At the same time, there is no personal information, fictitious age, name, city.

You do not have to worry about meeting someone you know. The system automatically blocks the city of the model, in addition, you can close the entire country and communicate only with foreigners.

Some people compare such work to prostitution, but there is nothing in common. Models are blocked on Bonga, even if they offer escort services or try to provide some contact information. At the same time, information about them remains confidential. Plus, no one is forced to undress and fulfill all the whims of clients.

There are categories that assume only communication (without nudity). But you understand why such services are gaining popularity. Viewers come in to “mess around” and only those BongaCams models who know how to satisfy their needs make a lot of money.

The scheme of the service is very simple. Models register on BongaCams and start live broadcasts. First, they get into a free chat room, where viewers connect to them. During this time, pennies drip and some members send gifts. The main income comes from closed chats, they are divided into the following types:

  1. Private – communication with one of the clients, every minute token is deducted from his balance, and dollars are immediately credited to the balance of the model.
  2. Group – when a closed show is shown to several users, each of them pays for access separately (profitable for a set of 3 or more viewers).
  3. Peeping – additional feature of private chat. For a fee, a member can watch a model’s show for a specific client.
  4. Full private – if this chat is selected, the broadcast is available only to one viewer and peeping is closed.

The model’s task is to move from free chat to paid chat. The more time you manage to spend in it, the higher the income. How will you motivate your members? There are many different techniques, the main thing is to allocate enough time to work and take it seriously. Running broadcasts for an hour a week, you absolutely will not be satisfied with the profit.

Why BongaCams – benefits for models

There are many similar sites, also offering to communicate via webcam and show candid shows, but BongaCams wins in many ways. To begin with, this site has a fairly user-friendly UX/UI. Interface, withdrawal methods, and so on. In addition, it is worth noting:

  • A huge audience of viewers;
  • the ability to work from the phone;
  • weekly drawings for cash prizes;
  • legal counsel’s help with private recordings;
  • DMCA protection from broadcast recordings;
  • maintaining your own page with customization of the design;
  • Possibility to sell photo and video access;
  • service constantly receives various awards;
  • stable and fast payments;
  • receiving payments in cryptocurrency;
  • constant promotions and rewards for active models;
  • accruals even for being in free chat;
  • protection against chargebacks;
  • earnings from $500 up to $10,000 per month;
  • viewers are attracted from 34 countries;
  • administration invests in advertising;
  • it is possible to earn in parallel on the affiliate program.

There are plenty of advantages, and reviews of BongaCams are only positive. There is a detailed FAQ prepared for models here, as well as 24-hour support. If you carefully read the rules and follow them, it is unlikely that you will have to contact operators at all, the service is stable and of high quality.

Registration of models on Bongamodels step by step

Girls, guys, couples, groups of people can register on BongaCams. The procedure is the same. There is one important rule for the models – the age of 18 years old, all the rest is not important.

With any appearance and even at the age of 50 years (adult women here, too, earn), you can start earning. To do this, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. To earn at BongaCams, you need to go to a separate site of their affiliate program πŸ‘‰ There you will find a lot of useful information, and on the main page there are two links to create a profile:
    BongaCams - The best European Webcam Site
  2. A window opens, the first step asks you to come up with a username (viewers will see it), specify your email (this information will be hidden) and your account password:
    BongaCams - Create Accaunt Individual model
  3. The next step is Standard and Fast Track registration. Go to Standard Registration.
    BongaCams - Standart Registration
  4. Now you fill out the contact information, which will not be shown anywhere on the site, and upload documents proving your identity. (Administration needs to check your age). Specify real data, otherwise you will not pass the next steps (in the questionnaire name and surname are not shown, there you can set a fictitious pseudonym):
    BongaCams - Contact Information for model and Upload Documents
    • Contact Information (private) – Fill out the fields according to your ID card
    • Documents
      • It’s time to confirm the passport data you entered the contact information. To do this, you must alternately upload the front side of the identity document (as in the example below), a photo of your face (best taken directly from a webcam), and then a photo with the document open in your hands:
        Sample front side of the document to upload it to BongaCams
      • When you add a face photo, you will see a prompt. You can upload a photo or turn on the webcam to take a snapshot. When using the camera, if you don’t like the photo, you can cancel the upload and take a new one. This photo is not attached to the profile, you only need it for age verification:
        Photo model BongaCams
      • On the same principle, you need to add another photo of you holding the document in your hands. Don’t worry, all of these photos are only viewed moderator, he makes sure that the person himself passes the registration without using someone else’s documents:
        Face photo with a model's passport for registration on BongaCams
  5. Next, you are asked to fill out a large questionnaire. In it, you have to specify your profile photo, tell about yourself, choose the categories your broadcasts will belong to, specify the figure parameters (so that clients can choose what they like). These data are open, the viewers will see them on your page:
    Profile Information on BongaCams
    • Profile Photo. You need to add a profile picture that will be displayed on the site. It should be a photo, without eroticism, you can wear a swimsuit or lingerie (you can wear no face or clothes). The main thing is to have only you in the picture, and it should be of good quality:
      Profile photo of the model on BongaCams
  6. When selecting categories, you can choose to socialize, massage, dance, no intimacy, and many other things that don’t involve any kind of intimacy. No one will make you get naked, it’s not necessary. Specify at least 5 categories (more is better, to fall under the search criteria more often):
    Model BongaCams - What I do on webcam
  7. It is impossible to register without documents, but without specifying payment details you can proceed to the next step. You will be asked to specify the minimum threshold for payments, choose a payment system (cryptocurrency) and specify a wallet number. You can decide on the withdrawal later, through the profile settings:
    Filling out payment information for a model on BongaCams
  8. The final step is the agreement with the rules, here you just need to check a box and click a button. Your data is already added to the agreement:
    BongaCams Agreement

After completing all these steps, you will be immediately directed to your personal cabinet. Confirm your email and wait for the administration to verify your passport data. This usually takes no more than half an hour. During this time, you will have time to get acquainted with the interface and fill out your application form.

If you have any questions about registration, please contact support service by Email – or phone number (+420) 734 119 960 – available 24 hours a day.

Our instruction shows you step by step how to register on BongaCams model. Nothing complicated, the main thing is to fill in the fields carefully, otherwise you won’t pass the test.

If the moderator approves the application for registration, all other information you can then change (payment data, categories of broadcasts, profile photo, etc.).

Login to Bongamodels personal cabinet and get acquainted with the model’s interface

Authorization on the site is standard, by username and password. In the control panel, everything is intuitive. In the upper left corner you will see the “START BROADCASTING” button, there you start the broadcast, but first it is better to “walk” through all the menu items.

For beginners, in the middle are displayed conditions that must be met to increase the percentage of earnings:

BongaCams - Fill your profile to increase it

They ask you to upload photos, add information about yourself, specify wishes, and much more. All this is done through the side menu. There are all the necessary items. Order payments, view your page, download the mobile app, connect additional security, change settings:

Information about the BC model profile

At any time you will be able to read the agreement, set up notifications, change your login and much more. We highly recommend that you add some photos to your profile and upload videos. Also add a schedule on which you run your shows, so it’s easier for viewers to catch you online:

BongaCams - Profile Mode: classic

Fill out all sections in as much detail as possible, this increases the chances of attracting many viewers. After setting up and having your documents checked by a moderator, you can get to work. Press the “Start Broadcasting” button in the upper right corner and get to the settings. There you can see a preview, adjust the settings and only then start broadcasting:

Start Broadcasting on BongaCams for model

You will see yourself in a small window, under it are the settings and statistics, in the center is the chat, also here is a complete list of viewers. Communicate online, both via webcam and text messages.

It takes no more than half an hour to register BongaCams models and get familiar with the interface, and then you can try chatting right away.

Withdrawing money from BongaCams

Payout settings are available in the profile, if the details are not specified during registration, they can be filled in at any time. By the rules, payments are made to model who have earned at least $200. Withdrawal is charged a fee of $1 (3% on WebMoney). Money can be received through:

  • WebMoney;
  • Paxum;
  • ePayments;
  • ePayService;
  • Bitcoin;
  • Bitcoin Cash;
  • Ethereum;
  • Litecoin;
  • Ripple.

Payments on order from $20, if you use cryptocurrency. It’s convenient, anonymous and safe. All transactions are added to statistics.

Applications are processed quickly, usually within half an hour. There is a limit on the maximum amount – no more than $500 per day. It is also possible to choose the usual payments, so that they come automatically every week to the specified requisites.

FAQ of BongaCams Models

Beginning models have a lot of questions, and it takes a long time to find answers through the forums. We’ve chosen the ones that come up most often:

  • How much does a model get for broadcasting? In group chat 30 tokens per minute, in private 60 tokens, in full private 90 tokens, for peeping 15 tokens each.
  • One BongaCams token, how much is that? In May 2019, they changed the rate, tokens now bring $0.025 dollar cents to models.

The administration of BC claims that models’ profits range from $500 to $10,000.

If you focus on the reviews, it’s hard for beginners to make more than $1,000 in income. And to do that, you’ll have to go online 5 days a week and twist your ass in front of the camera for at least 4–6 hours. Is it worth it to do? The prospects are promising:
Top webcam model on BongaCams

These are the top 3 models who made over $10,000 last month. All of them are actively working, you can see their profiles on the site. It will not be easy to achieve the same profits, but when you see such figures, there is a sudden desire to register at BC and turn on the camera.

How to earn a lot, right after registering on BongaCams?

Beginning models often complain that earnings are too low. This is largely due to their mistakes and lack of experience. Everyone would like to earn $5,000 a month from the start, but you still have to get there. To shorten your path to normal profits, we have put together a collection of useful tips:

  • Purchase a Lovense Lush vibrator, this toy raises income by 20%-30% according to general statistics (activated by the arrival of tokens, motivates to send tips);
  • Use status to show the price of your shows. In it, you can specify not only the cost of a private, but also the performance of some action (for example, erotic dance);
  • BongaCams has viewers from all over the world, and most of them speak English, so you will have to learn a foreign language to expand your audience;
  • Do not turn on your camera being in a bad mood, you must always be cheerful in front of your audience, a smile encourages communication;
  • Make yourself a “work” schedule, and let fans know when you plan to return, this helps to gather a larger audience;
  • It is better to use a microphone to communicate than a text chat. Besides being convenient, broadcasts from voices are much more appealing;
  • Individually reach out to your members, they love it. And if you know the name of some of them, try to remember it, then it will definitely become your regular guest;
  • You have to learn to determine which of the viewers are willing to pay for a private conversation, but at the same time, pay attention to all the rest (prioritize);
  • Add to your friends all members who send you a lot of tips or invite you to private chats;
  • Change your image, try different outfits, makeup, hairstyles. Watch the statistics, when you manage to earn more;
  • Go “to work”, only putting yourself in order. Stretched t-shirts and wide pants do not look attractive;
  • Make sure that the audience can see a quality picture. You need good equipment, lighting, and the interior of the room;
  • Everyone understands why users go to such sites. Dress sexier, buy more toys, tease and flirt;
  • Take it easy on the earnings, run the broadcasts to have fun and have fun socializing.

There are a lot of other subtleties that should be obvious to every girl. Manicure, proper posture, posture, makeup, all these things also affect the attractiveness of the show you’re doing.
It’s really hard to make a decent income in the first few weeks, you have to be patient and gradually build up your fan base and gain experience.

Reviews about making money on BongaCams

Some people find such work enjoyable, while others find it underpaid. In general, the positive and negative reviews are about the same.

But as it turns out, many people wanted to make $100 a day, spending an hour in front of the computer. This is just not realistic at the start, and more experienced models recommend trying this kind of earning:

BongaCams model reviews
BongaCams model reviews on forum

It is clear that the work is specific, does not suit everyone and makes you put up with some disadvantages. However, when you are offered earnings without investment and skills with such an income, it is worth thinking about. Registration of models on BongaCams is free, takes no more than half an hour, it is worth trying and making your own conclusions.

Models on BongaCams really make good money if they try to make their broadcasts interesting. A huge audience of viewers flocks to this site, is advertised on almost all adult resources.
In any field you have to start somewhere and put up with a small income, it all depends on the approach. If you’re serious, learn all the theory and apply different tricks. Already in a couple of 6–10 weeks you can go to a stable $1000 per month, and this is not the limit.

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