CooMeet Review: Login and registration on Coomeet step-by-step instructions for model

Video communication has reached a new level, millions of people from all over the world use it. They broadcast live, make friends and even make money from it. CooMeet service is one of the video chat rooms, reminiscent of free roulette chat, but here girls are paid for chatting.

CooMeet video chat review for extra income webcam model

What is a CooMeet chat room?

A project for quickly finding an interlocutor on the Internet. Here they make new acquaintances, guys are randomly paired with girls and vice versa.

Online meetings are only possible with the opposite sex. To start using the system, all you need is a webcam or a smartphone. Minutes of communication here are paid only to women, and the amount of payment depends on the rate, which varies depending on the time spent in the chat.

For fans of something spicy, there is a section 18+, in the settings of the profile you can limit perverts to simple communication without erotica.

Registration for Coomeet model – step-by-step instructions

On Coomeet com it’s not hard to open an account, it’s completely free for guys and girls. To make sure you get it right, check out the detailed registration guide:

  1. Go to Coomeet video chat at and click “Try for free“. You will be asked to choose a gender. Only girls can earn, so choose “Female”:Coomeet Video Chat
  2. This will open a page for starting a video chat without registration. At the top, you will see a link to register:Sign up for Coomeet video chat
  3. A simple form opens where you need to enter your Email and password. Authorization via social networks is also available:Register on Coomeet: fill in the fields with your email and password
  4. It remains to come up with a login and choose a range with age. Note that minors are not allowed access to the service:Register on Coomeet: fill in the fields, your name and age

After pressing the “Start Talking” button, you get to your account. The interface in the personal account is simple and convenient, but you cannot go straight to the conversations, you need to confirm that you are 18 years old, for this you must upload a document and a photo with it in hand.

Adding documents during registration

To use Coomeet without restrictions, you must be of legal age. When you log in to your account for the first time, a verification button will appear:

Personal account verification on Coomeet

As with many other resources, the site asks for three images for identification – the main page of the passport, selfies and a photo with the ID in hand. Only in this case, it is all created in video format. After pressing the “Start Verification” button, the camera launches. Having prepared everything you need, the model needs to start recording:

Photo of a document with a face to confirm your account on CooMeet

First you show the expanded document, then you click continue and take a picture of your face, and the last step is a video of you holding your passport. This is nothing new, many platforms now ask for such photos to confirm identity. The camera should be good enough to see the fine print. After a couple of hours, a moderator will review the request, and it will be possible to start an online chat. Before you do this, familiarize yourself with the basic rules:

  • It is forbidden to insinuate or say that you are a minor;
  • It is forbidden to divulge confidential data about other people;
  • recording or taking screenshots during communication;
  • begging (pulling out gifts).

Carefully read the entire agreement when you sign up, there are other rules. If you violate these rules, your account will be blocked along with the balance without the possibility of recovery, and all subsequent attempts to create an account will lead to nothing.

Setting up profile

There are not many parameters that can be configured on this site. Once you are logged into your account, an icon appears in the upper-right corner, which, when clicked, opens the profile. Here you can change your photo (make it online or upload it), get a link to your account (used to invite friends), or open additional settings:

Setting up a profile on Coomeet

When you click on the gear icon at the bottom, personal information opens up. The model can change Email, password, age, request account details or even delete the account:

Personal account details on Coomeet

Also in the personal cabinet added separate settings for the interface language and notifications. Under them, the gear icon is installed at the top:

Quick settings on Coomeet

You can make money on this site not only by communicating. Next to the profile icon, there is a button with interest. By clicking on it, a window opens with a referral link. Share it with other people and get rewarded. Depending on whether it’s a girl or a guy, the conditions are different:

Get free points on Coomeet

This image shows payment for invited men. From 50 to 1,500 points can be obtained if access to a chat room is granted. But that’s not all, the referral link also invites girls, for which points are awarded depending on their income:

  • Earn 10 points – you get 1 point;
  • Earn 200 points – you get 20 points;
  • Earn 1000 points – you get 100 points;
  • Earn 5000 points – you get 500 points.

In general, without running chat, it is possible to raise profits. How big it will be depends on the activity of referrals. The main thing is not to spam on social networks, for this your account will be blocked.

Withdrawal of money

Coomeet roulette chat without restrictions, there are often positive reviews about the site, there is a mobile app and girls really get paid here for the minutes of communication. How much? Payment is set according to the rate. To see what your rate is and what you need to go to the next level, you can click on the button in the upper-right corner:

Coomeet earnings ranking

This window will open, at the start, pay 3 points for the first minute and 9 points for each subsequent minute. The table shows how many minutes you need to spend in the chat to get an increased payment. Also, the income depends directly on how much time you spend online. In the tab “Your Statistics” you can see the data for the last 8 days:

Detailed statistics for 8 days on Coomeet

Points are the site’s internal currency, and you can get $1 for each hundred when you withdraw. To order the transfer, you need to collect a minimum of 5000 points (i.e. $50). Requests for payment are created through a special form, it opens when you click on the balance in your personal cabinet:

Withdrawal of money on Coomeet

The money usually comes within a couple of days. Transfers are possible to bank cards and e-wallets:

  • ePayService;
  • Webmoney;
  • YouMoney;
  • Qiwi.

Go to video chat, chat, make money, invite partners. Coomeet is one of the largest services in its niche, and if you encounter difficulties or have questions, open the “Messages” section and contact support. The moderators are quick to solve problems and help you figure things out.

Stories and earning from videos

Coomeet has an interesting feature with short videos. Sort of like stories that are recorded by models and presented to users for 72 hours, after which they are automatically deleted:

The model broadcasts online on Coomeet

Short clips of a few seconds help draw attention to your account. During viewing, users have two buttons to subscribe and like. Videos are downloaded from the home page of the site.

One point is awarded for the likes, so it makes sense to update your stories regularly. In some cases, points are added to the balance after the video has been deleted.

Earnings from paid messages

Another way to earn extra money is through personal messages. Models get one point for each incoming message, and users can also send gifts:

Earnings from paid messages on Coomeet

Models receive the number of points that are specified in the gift. There is no limit here, users can send as many of these bonuses as they want

Contests and top models

Every day, week, and month, Coomeet chooses the best models and gives them prizes. The bonus depends on your ranking. Through your personal account, you can see the leaderboard and find out how many points you need to break into the top 8:

Coomeet top users

Winners are determined by the amount of earnings, but bonuses and gifts are not counted here. In the contest section, there is a countdown to see how much is left until the next drawing.

Earnings in a mobile app

If you select the female gender in the app, it opens a stub stating that for now you can’t work through it. But from the phone you can also go to the site, log in to your account, and communicate with users. This option is suitable for both Android and iOS.

How much does a Coomeet model earn?

Dating through an online chat room brings girls different money. Much depends on how much time is spent online and how much of a promoted account you have. If you start from the average indicators from the rating, you get the following picture:

PeriodAverage earningsEarnings in dollars
Twenty-four hours10,000 points$100
Week40,000 points$400
Month100,000 points$1000
Average user ratings on Coomeet

This data does not include gifts from users and various bonuses. Also, the rate plays an important role, to get the maximum deductions, you need to spend a month online at least 1051 minutes (about 18 hours).

Webmasters Coomeet affiliate program

The profile has a section for attracting viewers and models with bonuses. In addition, Coomeet has a separate affiliate program. When you go to the Webmasters Coomeet site, a login and password are automatically generated. From the main menu you can go to statistics, payments and promotional tools:

Webmasters Coomeet affiliate program

You can become a partner even without your own site. Detailed statistics on referrals and payments are provided. Payments are made every week on Thursdays (the period from Monday to Sunday). The minimum amount of $50, ways of a conclusion are following:

  • Webmoney;
  • ePayments;
  • ePayService;
  • Yoursafe;
  • Capitalist;
  • USDT.

From the payment of the premium by the attracted users comes 40%, from the profits of the invited partners 5%. Individual conditions are offered to large partners who can attract more than 5000 users per day. They can even change the design of the application.

Coomeet – video chat for dating or virtual sex?

According to the rules of this project, no erotica is allowed on the broadcasts. Models are forbidden to get naked, accounts are blocked even if you sit in front of the camera in your underwear or touch intimate body parts. Nevertheless, users often come here, precisely for intimate shows. The fact is that in private, all restrictions are removed. If the interlocutor invited to a private room, you can communicate with him in any format.

Reviews of CooMeet

The project has gained worldwide popularity, has been working for a long time and is stable, and reviews about it are easy to find. Most often they are left by men, many of them dissatisfied with the fact that you have to pay for communication. Girls also sometimes complain that the income is small. But in general, opinions about Coomeet are positive:

Irina: I used to sit in regular chat rooms, chatting and making friends, but now I use coomeet. The interlocutors are not hidden, there is no cheating on payment, and the chat room has a translator, you can chat even with foreigners. Yes, the pay here is modest, but still pay.

Camella: For a long time, I was looking for a part-time job, but I didn’t want to undress on camera, so I immediately rejected webcam sites. I come here for about an hour, almost every day (sometimes more often). Many perverts, you can also talk to them. I get about $300 a month, I’m happy with everything. I haven’t found any normal analogues to Coomeet.

Cristina: Girls, if you want an easy way to work, this is a great option. Experienced models earn decent money here, definitely more than 1,000 bucks a month. I have been working here for about a year, I have already had fans who keep giving me gifts. Some people I please with nudity in private, but in general, Coomeet is more of a chat room for dating, there is always someone to chat with.

The reviews very rarely talk about their income. Some models say they make $100-$1000 a month, without really bothering. Others make more than $1,000 a month, which is quite realistic. However, this project is not comparable to webcam sites in terms of profitability.

Sites like Coomeet – where else can you make money on communication?

Alternatives to Coomeet should be sought based on your preferences. Someone wants to work only with foreigners, someone is more convenient to broadcast to a large audience, to use mobile applications, to withdraw money in a certain way, and so on. There are alternatives, here are some of them:

  • Chaturbate is a webcam site where you can broadcast, collect gifts, and go into private rooms.
  • Chatroulette – no paid features here, video chat for communication offers conversations with random interlocutors from all over the world.
  • Omegle – the most famous chat roulette, where people from all countries come, but here also there are no paid functions.
  • Live Me – streaming platform, suitable for open broadcasts without eroticism (there is a mobile app).
  • U Live is an app for earning on dating, money is paid to card and e-wallets, deductions up to 100%.

Projects vary greatly, somewhere you can pay for a paid subscription, somewhere they pay good money for private, watching uploaded videos, sending gifts, and so on. If you want to make money on communication, you first need to promote your profile, and when the fan base accumulates, the income will begin to grow.

Frequently Asked Questions about Coomeet

How do I get Coomeet minutes?

To communicate in private rooms, you need to buy coomeet minutes. They are given together with the premium, they are restored automatically.

Premium Coomeet account

It must buy it to get access to all the features of the site, prices are constantly changing, now costs $2 for the first month.

How do I pay for premium?

In the application, when you try to pay, you may receive an error. Go to your account through your computer, you can pay there from your card.

Hacking Coomeet and free premium

The network offers coomeet without restrictions, download a mod, install an application where infinite minutes are provided, but all this is a scam and deception (tested).

How to communicate for free on Coomeet?

Just go to the site or the app, press the button to communicate and chat. There is a time limit, but you don’t have to pay.

How do I get 200 minutes on Coomeet?

Occasionally, administrators run promotions that give you free minutes, but they are not currently available.

Where can I buy Coomeet accounts?

Another favorite subject of scammers. You are unlikely to find accounts with minutes, or they will cost the same as the purchase of the minutes itself.

Coomeet not working, what to do?

The service is working now, if you experience any problems, try to clear the cache (in your browser or app), wait a while or contact support (


Try downloading the Coomeet app right now, register as a man, get 5 free minutes and chat with the models. By scrolling through a few of the interlocutors, you’ll get a general picture. Personal experience is much more important than reviews.

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