Become CamSoda model: Overview webcam site, model registration and how to earn more

Making money online through adult webcams is attracting more and more attention. First, because it does not require any investments and brings a decent income. One of the top webcam sites where models can work is CamSoda.

Registration here is not complicated, the entrance for models is standard, there are different ways to earn money, a personal account is convenient, and withdrawal is carried out by bank transfers and electronic wallets.

CamSoda: Overview webcam site

CamSoda video chat

The service stands out against its competitors because of its many advantages. This is an extremely popular webcam site with huge traffic, where men, women, couple and trans people can work. In addition to making profit from online broadcasts, it is possible to earn from content and collect gifts from fans.

Homepage of CamSoda webcam site

The platform refers to free sites where you can run free broadcasts, collect tips, and pull viewers into privates. The main difference of the video chat is that unregistered users see only thumbnails, so there will be no guests on the show. The project appeared in 2014, was one of the first to add streamers in VR format, and has earned a good reputation among models.

Basic data on CamSoda

πŸ’Ή Token exchange rate$0.05
πŸ’² Percentage of deductions to models30% to 50%
πŸ’ƒ Who can workGirls, guys, couples, trannies
πŸ’° Withdrawal methodsChecks, Wire, ACH, Paxum
πŸ’Έ Minimum withdrawal amount$20
πŸ’’ Payment frequencyWeekly
🌐 Blocking countriesSupported by
πŸŽ₯ Parallel broadcastsAllowed
πŸ€– ChatbotsSupported by
🚩 ContestsDaily, weekly, monthly
🎯 Promotion periodThe first 14 hours of the broadcast
πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Core trafficEurope and US
πŸ”₯ Selling contentSupported by
πŸ’₯ DMCA protectionSupported by
πŸ“’ Types of chatsPrivate, full private, spy show, ticket show
  • Girl;
  • Squirt;
  • Milf;
  • Teen;
  • Brunette;
  • Creampie;
  • Masturbation;
  • Latina;
  • Big tits;
  • Petite;
  • Voyeur;
  • Lesbian.
  • Elle
  • Kora Marina
  • Selena Adams
  • Zuleyka Santiago
  • Lena The Plug
  • Gianna Michaels
  • Sofie Cakes
  • Queen Cherise Roze

ChatGPT Webcam Model Assistant

Talking about making money in video chats and doing reviews on different sites, we can’t stop reminding everyone about neural networks. This is an indispensable tool for models, with which you can save a lot of time and make your work easier. You can use the chatbot right now πŸ‘‰

Ask it to assemble tags for a broadcast, make a description of a show in any language, come up with an image for you, or develop a content plan for social media. Artificial Intelligence technology opens up a wide range of possibilities, coming in handy even when communicating with foreigners:

ChatGpt to help a webcam model
Examples of characters for webcam broadcasts

Come up with other ideas for using the GPT chat, it’s a free tool that’s already used in different areas of Internet earning. For webcam business also comes in handy, in the examples we showed how it can be used.

Registration and verification of web models on CamSoda

The project is quite handy, the registration process is not too difficult, but still beginner models will be useful step-by-step instructions for creating an account:

  1. Go to the home page of the site and click on Model Signup, then click on Signup as a Model:
    Web Model Registration on CamSoda
  2. At the first step you will be asked to write your nickname, password and mail:
    The first stage of web model registration on CamSoda
  3. On the second step you have to fill the personal data – name, surname, gender, date of birth, in the Digital Signature (signature) once again enter the name, and the last line may not be filled:
    Independent Performer Agreement on Camsoda
  4. After that, documents are uploaded to confirm your age. You must add a scan of your ID (passport or I.D.), and a photo of you holding the document (unfolded):
    Example of downloading web model documents on CamSoda
  5. Then another form opens, where you need to fill in your residential address (residence registration), as well as payment information. There are some non-standard fields here, in Do you have a United States Tax ID or EIN choose No, do not fill in other fields there. At the bottom, select the method of withdrawal and the minimum amount:
    Filling out payment information of web models on CamSoda

When you have completed all the steps, go to your email and visit the link from the email to confirm it. After that you will get to the profile, but for now there will be limited opportunities. You have to wait for the moderator to verify the data, usually it takes 1–2 days.

Input for models on CamSoda

Authorization is done on the same page where you went to register. After logging in to your personal account, you will see the main menu on the left. Let’s go through the sections:

My Profile

This is your model page, here is your login, you can enter a nickname that users will see, then comes the line with the mail (it remains closed), below there is a switch to show age in the profile. Even below is gender (changeable by request to support):

Web Model Profile on Camsoda

At the bottom is a form to upload your avatar. This photo will be displayed in your account, including when you’re offline. Add an attractive but not too explicit photo.

My Bio

Be sure to go to the section immediately after registering and fill out a questionnaire. Here you need to choose who you are interested in (it is better to tick all the boxes), specify your location, what languages you speak, body type, chest size, hair color, smoking or drinking, eye color, body features – tattoos, piercings, etc.:

Filling My Bio section on CamSoda

Under the questionnaire, there is a block where you can tell about yourself in a free form. There you can also enter the type of menu (what you are ready to do and for how many tokens). Below is the Wish list, where you can enter your wish list. Write down what you want to buy, or just set up a link to the Wish list from Amazon:

Filling out the About Me and Wishlist sections on CamSoda

Try in the About Me box as much detail as possible about yourself, what you like, what you’re into, you can even write a story (through ChatGPT you can generate it).

Settings & Privacy

The next section is where you set the privacy settings. At the top you will see the Block Countries line where you can select the blocked countries, and below that you will see Block States for closing certain cities. The Show my Cam on Site switch allows you to show the show in the public directory:

Filling out the Web Model Settings and Privacy section on CamSoda

In the Show my cam to box, select who will be able to access the broadcast, and in the Set Cam Password box you can set a password for it. Let’s go down below and see the Private Messages block. In the line Allow PM from, you need to select who can write you private messages. Next is the Tokens & Show Settings block:

Personal Message and Token and Show Settings for Web Model on CamSoda

Here you select the types of shows (Private Show Tyres), enable recording of privates (Private Show Recordings), set the cost of privates (Private Show Cost), select the price for Spy Mode, and in Min. Balance to Start Private, you can specify how many tokens should be on the balance of the member so that he can invite to a private. Scroll down the page below and see the blocks for connecting social networks:

Social networking web model connection section on CamSoda

Here you can activate some functions and add your pages from social networks. Even below are added broadcast hashtags and at the very bottom is the Media block. Through it, you can download media files and select the cost of viewing:

Filling Hashtags and Media sections for the web model on CamSoda

You can set the price for all media at once or individually. You can change it as you see fit.


The section with notification settings. Here you can activate them by ticking Text me for important notifications and then select how often they will come (Pending items reminder):

Setting up the notification section for the web model on CamSoda

There is also a more flexible setting for choosing the type of notifications and through which communication channels they are delivered. At the bottom, the history of all notifications is displayed.

Web model earning settings CamSoda

If you scroll down the page below, you will see detailed statistics on the model’s enrollment. The Total Tokens column shows how many tokens were received on any given day:

Web model earnings statistics on CamSoda

Statistics are quite detailed, it even shows how many minutes were spent online and how much money was earned on the sale of media.

Sell my Pics & Vids

When you go to this section, you will see a couple of buttons. The first is Create New Media, which is used to create new albums where you will put your photos or videos:

Manage your Media for model on CamSoda

When adding a new gallery, select the type (photo or video), then enter the title, description, add tags, and at the very bottom specify the cost of access to the folder:

Create Media for model on CamSoda

Created galleries appear in the section (under the buttons). You can upload as many files as you want there. As for the second button (Add Golden Ticket Show), you need it to view the recorded ticket shows:

Golden Ticket Recordings

Here you need to turn on the switch so that recorded shows are automatically added to your media (you can earn good money from watching them).

Pending Items

All recorded shows are displayed here, as well as statistics on their sales and on the same page there is information on Snapchat sales:

Pending Items for model on CamSoda

In the main menu, there is the last item – Billing History, where the history of payments in the account is displayed. The personal account here is very simple, there are no many confusing functions, even a beginner is unlikely to get confused.

How do I start a broadcast on CamSoda?

You can go live only after checking your data (completing verification). You will receive an email about it. To start broadcasting, you need to open the profile menu and select the first item – View My Profile:

View My Profile

Then the broadcast page opens, the usual view, on the left you will see the image from your camera, on the right is the chat, and in the right area is a list of guests. First, you need to decide how you will host the show. There are three options to choose from:

Start a broadcast on CamSoda

You can go on the air directly through the browser or using special programs like OBS. If you choose the first option, a window opens where you have to select the camera, microphone, resolution and enable or disable the Cam2Cam (membrane camera) mode:

CamSoda Web Model Broadcast via Browser

Broadcasting through the browser is not recommended, so that the connection was stable, and the quality was not lost, it is better to use OBS. If you choose the second option, information for connection via streaming software is provided:

OBS Streaming Settings on CamSoda

The link and StreamKey must be specified in the program settings. This is not only done in OBS:

Broadcast settings in OBS

After adding data to the program and starting the broadcast, the red button Offline will change to green Online, you are on the air. Now let’s understand the rest of the buttons, functions and blocks:

Time spent as a web model online on CamSoda

Under the video is a timer of how much time spent online, and on the side is the main statistics on earnings from different sources. There are also several tabs. The first (Start Private Discount) allows you to set a discount for private:

Discounted Price on CamSoda

When you click on it, a window opens, where the model selects the size of the discount and the time of the action. Reduced price can make the member send a private invitation. The second tab is Manage PMs, where you choose who can write messages:

Manage PMs for model on CamSoda

About this setting we have already described above, in the main menu of the personal account there is a corresponding item. The next tab Sell Snapchat opens a window to activate the sale of access to a closed account in Snapchat:

Sell Snapchat for model on CamSoda

The model can enable the function, set the price, the activation time and here the link to the page is also indicated. The last two tabs are made to manage the broadcast. Now let’s go up to the top. Above the window with the video, there is a block Average User Rating:

OBS Broadcasting Information on CamSoda

There are four blocks here. The first is called Overall, it shows the scores of users who have spent more than 25 tokens on the model. The second Private shows the scores given after privates. Golden Ticket shows the scores for the ticket shows. The last block shows how much you earn on average per hour. Now about the text chat:

Web model text chat when broadcasting on Camsoda

In general, everything is simple here. At the top are tabs – chat, messages from users, settings. Below that is the line for entering the theme of the show. Next to it is a button for adding features. Here you can set goals, connect toys, add a menu type and enable games. At the bottom there is a form to send messages to the chat. Let’s take a look at the settings:

Chat settings on CamSoda

Here you can turn on emotions, change the size and typeface, choose who can write to the chat, how to sort the viewers in the list, the scale of changing the volume of the tip notifications. The Chat Room Notice block specifies the message for the chat. In, Moderators Expire After selects the term for which moderators are appointed.

Chatbots on Camsoda

Through additional features on the broadcast, models manage to motivate viewers to send tips more often. Chatbots are connected by pressing the Show Type button (next to the show topic). The following options are offered there:

  • Tip Goal – adding a goal with the amount of tokens, when the tokens are gained, you must perform the specified action.
  • Auto-Reset Tip Goal – also set a goal, but after it is reached, it is restarted.
  • Multi-Goal – a whole list of goals is set through the bot, a different amount of tokens is set to each action.
  • Golgen ticket – offer viewers to buy tickets for an exclusive show, the sale is limited by the timer.
  • Fell the Tank – the bot includes a special reserve, when it is filled with tokens, the model uses a vibrator, when it runs out of tokens, a new set is launched.
  • Goal Race – several goals are added, but only the one that was the fastest to achieve is executed.
  • OhMiBot – the bot is designed to connect sex toys from the corresponding manufacturer.
  • Tip menu – the model creates a list of actions that she is ready to perform for different amounts of tips.
  • Lovense – bot is designed to connect sex toys from the corresponding manufacturer.
  • Spin the Wheel – a game of Wheel of Fortune, by paying money, the member can spin the wheel and win something (action from the model).
  • Slot Machine – by analogy played model action, only here uses a one-armed bandit.
  • Roll the Dice – a classic game of dice, where on a roll of certain combinations, the model promises to perform some action.
  • Scratchoff is a light card game where you also have to pay to participate, and if you win, the model performs a certain action.

Experienced models plug in all the chatbots at once, because each of them can make the viewer spend tokens. When you add menu types, goals, or prize options to games, think carefully; if something fascinating appears there, it will attract more attention.

Bonuses for active models

Camsoda administration encourages models with gifts. There are three regular contests on the site:

  • Daily – This gives away three prizes of $200, $125, and $75 for first places;
  • Weekly – it awards $2,000 in prizes to models;
  • Monthly – the head prize of the contest is $3,000.

In the draw, which is held every day, the models with the highest online time-to-earnings ratio win. As for the other two contests, the models who earn the most tokens win.

CamSoda Site Rules

The reasons why an account can be blocked or fined are usually the same on webcam sites. To avoid problems, you should know some rules:

  • Other people can appear in the frame, but only if their documents are checked;
  • It is not allowed to sleep on the broadcast (pretend);
  • The quality of the broadcast must be high (no freezes);
  • Any scenes and discussions of pedophilia, fisting, incest, violence are forbidden;
  • It is forbidden to host the show while intoxicated (it is forbidden to promote drugs);
  • Blood, vomiting, urination and the like are prohibited;
  • You can not broadcast content in violation of copyright;
  • No exchanging contacts with members (requesting them);
  • There should be no animals in the frame (everything related to bestiality is prohibited);
  • Do not discuss and do not try to apply any fraudulent schemes;
  • Don’t try to negotiate or make payments off-site;
  • Do not use foreign objects as sex toys.

When registering, you check a box agreeing to the rules of the site. Usually no one reads them, and then the models wonder why they were blocked. Don’t make that mistake again, don’t break the user agreement.

Withdrawing money

Payouts from this site are now only available in three ways – Cosmo and Paxum checks. The models themselves set the minimum threshold (from $20 to $5000). Requests for withdrawal are created automatically, and they are processed every week.

How to earn more with Camsoda?

The most successful models earn over $10,000 a month in video chats. How do they do it? The secret is not only in attractive looks and interesting shows. There are many other important things that affect the level of income:

  • Always add Auto-Reset Tip Goal on broadcasts, in this mode your goals will repeat to infinity and continue to motivate viewers to tip;
  • Make a type of menu for your shows, try to think of something unusual, creativity is welcome, unconventional approach will attract attention;
  • Run Ticket Shows as often as possible, even if they will end without sales, no problem, sooner or later, you will gather many viewers;
  • Earning on the sale of content can bring a good income, so be more active in creating new galleries and regularly post photos or videos there;
  • Make sure you fill out your Wish list on your profile, someone from your fans may send a tip to make your dream come true;
  • Use Cam-Splitting, in other words, parallel broadcasts on other webcams sites (we’ll present the list of them at the end of this article);
  • Join an affiliate program, the terms of cooperation here are more favorable than competitors, you can get $500 for one referral;
  • Invest a part of earned money in development, improve your camera, appearance, buy new clothes, toys, accessories, order advertising.

We will not add to this list general recommendations, such as spending more time online or exchanging more personal messages with members. All of this is already known, even to beginner models.

CamSoda affiliate program

This project has a referral system, but to become a partner you need to register on a separate site – In a private office are provided ready-made promotional materials, various links and detailed statistics:

CamSoda affiliate program

Terms of cooperation are very attractive. For registrations here, you can get up to $100, in addition:

  • 20% Revshare from payments of the attracted members;
  • Up to $70 per attracted active model;
  • Up to $500 for the attracted active partner.

Money is paid by bank transfers, checks, electronic wallets (including Paxum) and even in cryptocurrency (Bitcoin). Payments are made every 2 weeks, the minimum threshold is chosen during registration (from $50).

Other similar webcam sites

The competition among video chat rooms is huge, and their owners try to provide the best service or lure models with favorable conditions. CamSoda does not have the highest attendance, the royalty rate is average, and the functionality is relatively modest. If you take average values, models earn much more on these platforms:

  1. StripChat. The best chat room for novice models, although experienced models make decent money here as well. There is a promotional period, very rich functionality, and royalties up to 60%. Registration is standard, with verification of documents. The quality of the camera is not picky, broadcasts can be run not only by girls. Members come from all over the world, geo-blocking is available.
  2. BongaCams. Included in all the top webcam sites, translated into Russian, pays to e-wallets and cryptocurrency. Here you can find not only a big set of tools, but also regular contests, mobile application, free help from the lawyer, increasing rate and a huge audience of potential customers from different corners of the world.
  3. Chaturbate. This video chat room has no equal in terms of traffic; it outperforms all its competitors. On the one hand it is good, on the other hand – there is the highest competitiveness among the models. Chatbots are connected, you can open fan-clubs, many ways to withdraw, a huge and generous audience of viewers. Experienced models earn more than $20,000 per month on the site.
  4. LiveJasmin. It is better to come here with experience, because the project is positioned as a premium webcam site. If your appearance is not good enough, the camera is weak or the room is not designed attractively, allowed to work only in the “Domestic” category. Prices are high, royalties up to 80%, the Russian language is supported and there are a lot of features.
  5. Flirt4Free. Abroad, this is one of the most popular sites for models. Mainly women work here, although men are also accepted (the service is also open to couples, groups and trannies). Foreigners spend a lot of money to communicate, and models themselves decide how much to charge for privates. The platform has won weighty awards, such as the Cybersocket Web Awards and the XBIZ Awards.
  6. ImLive. The models are different, but they are mostly women. There are even famous adult film actresses (such as Tori Black and Alexis Texas) among them. Suitable for amateur style work. The developers have made a mobile app, private messages are available, you can chat in free chat and private rooms.
  7. Xlovecam. Video chat is extremely popular in European countries, the share of traffic from the U.S. here is also high. Models are accepted from all over the globe, one requirement – over 18 years old. In addition to online broadcasts you can earn on fan clubs, prices are set at the discretion of the model. The service has been operating since 2006 and has won a bunch of awards.

If you start from the reviews, Camsoda is not the main site for most models. In terms of profitability it is inferior to more famous competitors, however, it is worth checking, because it is not always possible to achieve a good profit where so many other models are already working.


Camsoda was the starting point for many of today’s famous webcam models. This is an old and proven service, with which it is quite realistic to earn good money. There are not as many free shows here as on Chaturbate or Stripchat, and the low competition is also an advantage. In addition, there are additional features for earning here, including passive profits.

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      Hello. Yes, you can.

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    Hello, I worked at a studio and there Camsoda banned everyone, now I want to work for myself, would it be possible to open a new account? I just heard that it will not open again after the ban (

    1. camstarlevel author

      Hello. It’s more of a no than a yes. You can only have one account on Camsoda. Write to support and convince them that your account was banned through no fault of your own. They may delete it and allow you to make another one.

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    I signed up, did everything, but when I click to broadcast, there is a black screen with the words “sign the agreement” and I click the checkbox that I agree and nothing happens. Is it just me?

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    Is it possible to delete an old account on Camsoda and create a new one? Can I get the promo again?

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      They won’t give you the promo a second time.