Xcams-Models review: Sign up model in Xmodels, personal cabinet and settings, main rules, token price and how to work for earning

Beginning webcam models are often looking for alternative video chat rooms for extra income or just to try somewhere other than the established webcam sites such as Chaturbate, Stripchat, LiveJasmin and BongaCams.
Xmodels is one of the best European webcam sites. We have made a detailed instruction how to become a webcam model Xmodels. The review of the site turned out to be great, we have collected all the features and will tell you how much you can earn with this site.

Xmodels webcam site review

What does Xmodels video chat offer?

The developers offer models and studios a quality service with many useful tools. This site is very popular in Europe, but it is open to the whole world. The project has been translated into several languages. Women, men, transsexuals and couples can work here.

Xmodels broadcasts gather many viewers because they are broadcasted through many affiliate services including Xcams, Webcamsex, Cambabes, Camcandy and many others. Over 30,000 models are already registered, all of them are actively working and getting paid, and the number is growing every day.

This project can be used as an offline. Open it while you are running a show in other video chats and just wait for an invitation to private. This format of work is suitable only for experienced and promoted models. Only if you sit here in free chat, you will get maximum invitations and chat in private.

Who can register with Xcams-Models?

The main requirement for models is that they are of legal age (18 years old for most countries). If you have a computer with a webcam and high-speed internet, feel free to register. They accept everyone, regardless of gender, and also offer to work in pairs. By the way, you do not have to undress here. There is a separate registration for studios.

Security and privacy

As in any other video chat, here it is required to pass verification by documents. Personal data is securely protected, they is available only to the site administration. Moreover, it is allowed to work in a mask and not to show your face at all (by lowering the camera).

For those who are worried about reputation, a country blocking feature is available. Block your own and any other countries, and you can also set a radius from yourself at which users will not see your profile.

What categories do models work in at Xmodels?

European video chat offers to run the show from a variety of categories. The full list is presented on the site, and several modes are set under them:

  1. Free chat is a general free chat room where all users can enter. In it, you need to tease and flirt to collect tips and receive invitations to private. All kinds of cruelty are not welcome here.
  2. Private chat – communication with the member is in a closed room, he pays for every minute. Several viewers are allowed here at once, in this case the income increases. Profitable way to earn money, but you have to wait.
  3. VIP chat – in this mode, the show is arranged only for one member, who invited to a closed room. No one can connect to such a private room, so the client pays an increased cost for each minute.

As already mentioned, you don’t have to start a free chat, you can just be online and accept invitations to private and VIP chats. In addition to broadcasting, the site earns money by selling content. Upload photos and videos to your profile and get money for views.

Rating and promotional period for newcomers

This video chat has a unique rating system. Anyone can get to the top and attract maximum attention. For newcomers made promo period for 30 days, for a month, it is quite realistic to collect regular customers and gain some popularity.

Your profile will be on the top positions of the site, and it is also displayed in a special section in a prominent place. It is important to be active and not to lose the rating, the system evaluates:

  • Number of broadcasts;
  • Time online;
  • Model popularity;
  • Number of donations;
  • Number of privates.

Strive for the first lines of the rating are necessary not only because your profile will see as many users as possible. The administration rewards the most active models every day, week and month. The amounts of bonuses are different, about these distributions are told in the section with news.

Signing up for Xmodels

Registration in Xmodels is not complicated, but beginner models sometimes have difficulties at the very first steps, so we have prepared for you step-by-step instructions on how to register in Xcams-Models. Creating an account in this video chat is no different from registering in any other video chat.

Registration page on Xcams-Models

To complete this, you need to perform the following actions:

  1. Go to the main page of https://www.xmodels.com/ and click the green button for model registration:Webcam model registration in Xmodels
  2. The page opens, where you need to specify your mail, come up with a login, password and confirm that you are of legal age:Webcam model registration in Xmodels: Email, login, password and proof of age
  3. At the next stage, a large questionnaire is filled out, here personal data are indicated. Be careful, you must provide real information:Webcam model registration in Xmodels: Personal data
  4. To confirm your age, you must upload a scan of the document. First enter its series and number, then specify the date of issue, after that add images:Webcam model registration in Xmodels: Uploading scans of documents
  5. In Xmodels, you must record a short video (5 seconds) of you holding an open document in your hands:Webcam model registration in Xmodels: Record a short video
  6. The last step is to fill out a model profile. This data will be publicly available, so personal information is not allowed here:Webcam model registration in Xmodels: Filling in the model profile
  7. Having performed all these actions, a page will open with a notification of successful registration:Webcam model registration in Xmodels: Access my account

Within 24 hours, moderators will check your data and documents. Meanwhile, you can log in to your account to configure your settings and familiarize yourself with the interface.

Personal cabinet and settings in Xmodels

The control panel is easy to understand, even if you don’t know English. After logging in to Xmodels, at the top you see icons to go to wall comments, posts, photos and videos. On the same line is the balance and the “Start” button to start the broadcast:

Personal cabinet and settings in Xmodels

The main page presents news, statistics, menu. The rating percentage is shown on the side, click the button in the block to see what else you need to do to increase it. Through the account menu, you can navigate through the main sections:

Video section in the web model's personal cabinet on Xmodels

For example, go to the section with photos or videos to upload content. There is also an important Description section where you need to add a description of your page in different languages:

Description section in the web model's personal cabinet on Xmodels

Take a walk through the rest of the sections, tagging, learn about toy connectivity, see what the private message section looks like and what stats are collected.

Main rules of Xmodels

Xmodels is not as demanding as other video chat services, but some rules must be strictly observed. We’ll tell you about just a few of them that are most often violated:

  • Broadcasts may only be started by persons over 18 years of age with verified documents;
  • Promotion of drugs, alcohol, cruelty, bestiality, zoophilia, pedophilia is prohibited during the show;
  • Models are not allowed to step out of frame for long periods of time during the online broadcast;
  • Third parties must not be in the lens, their documents must also be uploaded in advance;
  • No advertising is allowed on the broadcasts, you can’t discuss other sites or blatantly show brands;
  • It is necessary to behave adequately, do not insult guests, do not discuss other models, do not express negativity towards the administration of the site;
  • It is forbidden to exchange personal data, as well as try to get payment outside the site;
  • Models are not allowed to mislead users about age, gender, promise, take money and then refuse.

There may be various sanctions for violating the rules, ranging from a fine to blocking the account. Remember that registration is based on documents, you will not be able to create an account again.

Token (credit) price

The main difference of Xmodels service is the rate of internal currency. Credits are used here, the rate of which depends on the country of the user. If it is a resident of the Netherlands, 1 token will cost 4 euro cents for him, while others pay 7 euro cents each.

Before running a private, you need to check the country of the member (it is indicated in brackets) and price it accordingly so that you don’t work at half the price. For example:

  • For members from the Netherlands – 15–20 credits per minute;
  • For others – 10 credits per minute.

These figures are presented for VIP shows, regular privates are cheaper (about 5 tokens per minute). Thus, you can earn about $0.80 per minute. Gradually you can raise the rates, beginners are better off working at the lower price.

Work in Xmodels in couple

Joint broadcasts are allowed on this site. To work in pairs, you need to register as a single person and then add participants to your profile. Their passport details will also be checked, and the requirements are the same – the age of majority. If you plan to work alone from time to time, you can make separate accounts.


Models get 45% of the members expenses. If you don’t sit in free chat and go to private or VIP at once, the rate is reduced by 5%. Only for Holland (where most of the viewers come from) the rate is 35%. The internal balance receives credits, which are automatically converted into real money, when you withdraw to:

  • Bank Account;
  • Paxum wallet;
  • Payservices wallet.

Transfers to bank accounts are possible only if they are opened in euros or dollars (SEPA). Payments are made twice a month, on the 5th and 20th of the month. Funds are collected for the last two weeks.

Referral program

With the Xmodels site, you can get extra profit by bringing in new models. There is a link to invite authors in your personal cabinet. You can choose one of the cooperation schemes:

  • 10% of profits for 12 months;
  • 5% of profits for life.

Important point – to get bonuses on the ref. program, you need to spend more than 50 minutes online during the payment period. Decide on the type of referral program before you start distributing your link.

Web model reviews on Xmodels

The service is very popular and reviews about Xmodels are frequent. Models say that this video chat is very profitable, note the generosity of members and the convenience of the interface. Here are a few reviews:

Sonya – 2 years experience as a webcam model

I chose this income because I like to decide everything myself and work without bosses. I’ve been with Xmodels for almost a year and a half, I left another video chat room and everything suits me. The foreigners here are really generous.

Marina – 3 months experience as a webcam model

I read reviews of probably all video chat rooms and settled on Xmodels. I’ve been making at least $1500 a month since I started. I know it’s not much for models, I’m slowly developing, and I’m not even thinking of moving to other sites.

Irina – experience as a webcam model for 7 years

Quit my career a few times, but came back. I have tried many webcam sites, now I work on 3 and one of them is Xmodels. The rate is not the highest, but you can charge a lot for privates, and members here are rich.

All those who use the platform for offline earning complain about rare invitations to privates. Do not think that by not launching free chats, you will often be called to private rooms. You need to promote yourself for that.

Similar webcam sites

Webcam sites are now very popular because they allow you to start earning money online without investment and special knowledge. In addition, experienced models get huge money. All of them register in several services at once, work in parallel, and even run shows at the same time. What other platforms are worth considering?

Video Chat (click on the name and sign up)Site Features
ChaturbateAppearance, background and camera requirements are set, many languages are supported, there is a mobile app, and contests are held.
BongaModelsMany languages are supported, the minimum to withdraw $50, there is a mobile app, many ways to withdraw, you can sell photos and videos.
LiveJasminThe main audience – foreigners, well-thought-out rating system, earnings offline, only girls can work, payments 2 times a month.
CamContactsThere is no free chat on the site, categories of shows without intimacy are available, prices for privates range from $0.2 to $5, payments are 2 times a month.
MyFreeCamsNeed to know English, the main work in free chat, very high competition, minimum to withdraw $50, payments 2 times a month.
StreamateMany languages are supported, as well as camera quality requirements, payments every week, the income of experienced models here is over $10000 per month.
ImLiveForeign site, the main audience – Europeans and Americans, the model puts the price at its discretion, payments 2 times a month.
Alternative webcam sites like Xmodels

By creating accounts on all sites at once, it is possible to cover the largest possible audience. This is important for a webcam model’s career, as it allows her to gain popularity faster, and her profit directly depends on it.


Xmodels service hits all the top webcam sites because it is one of the best sites of its kind. Yes, here is not the highest rate of deductions, but the broadcasts gain a huge number of views due to their placement on the resources of partners.

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